8 Important things that Indian women must know for better mental health

Important factors that Indian women must know

Indian omen must know

Women of India are majorly affected on a daily basis. It may be due to superstitious cultural restriction, women inequality, safety, education or whatsoever. In the amidst, Indian women also lose their mental stability due to countless reasons. There are certain things people do not want Indian women to know. So, they could gain control over women round-the-clock. But, if you know these 8 things, you could save sanity and mental peace for yourself.


Have you ever got stressed so much?. Even if you find ways to reduce your stress, are you bombarded with stress again and again by any means?. It feels like anxiety and depression were always present in your life. If so, you might be experiencing any one of the following things that Indian women must know.

This article discusses some information that may benefit every woman in the world. However, by the end of this article, you will have insights into why this article is focusing on Indian women. Now, let’s get into the list.

1. Prioritize yourself

This may sound like a selfish act, but a woman who prioritizes herself is a sign of growth. She cares about herself, her mental stability and her lifestyle. Saying that, for women who prioritize others, it will be easy for them to shape your emotions for their wish. It can be your parents, friends, or partner, you cannot control the way you love to live. You will always have to make adjustments for them. Especially in India, emotional drama is a habitual thing in almost every home. Isn’t that right?

If you are a self-loving person (not a selfish person), you can make decisions of your own and have your taste of freedom in life. It paves the way to achieve your dream, passion and dream life. Although it isn’t simple to overcome other people to make our choices in India, you will find that worth trying in the future.

2. Types of Boys

Psychologically, it is said to have 5 types of boys in this world. However, we can categorize almost all boys into three different variations

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Sigma

Types of males

Remember that this categorization is equivalent for women too. So, look at the details and ask yourself.

Alpha- The Alpha males are basically extroverts, bold and are more appealing in nature. They belong everywhere and are fun to have around. Alpha males are mostly straightforward and good in relationships too. They are good leaders and basically loud at parties. Women mostly seek Alpha males for partners.

Beta- Beta males are inclusively nice, affectionate and respectful. Beta males tend to be kind to everyone and more to their loved ones. You should differentiate between being needy and affectionate. Because Beta males are affectionate by nature. They do things in command and most preferable to be an employee as a career.

Sigma- Sigma males are wiser than other male types. They look calm and kind enough. However, sigma males don’t speak in a group unless it makes sense and hates arguing. They have their own morals and way of living. Sigma males are good listeners and self-decision makers. Also, they can adapt to any of the circumstances and mostly prefer to have a job as a self-made business or in a leadership career.

Indian women must know and analyze themselves and decide which types of males they prefer and have them around as a friend, colleagues, or partners. This would help you to have your growth thriving.

3. Narcissism

The term “Narcissism” is the most crucial thing that Indian women should know about. Learning about this topic may widen your perspective of Indian families and societies. NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is a personality disorder in which people are diagnosed to have high self-esteem and attention-seeking traits.

It does not end there, these people are inadequate to have relationships. People with NPD are vastly lurking among people without getting diagnosed. We cannot find them easily, they may be your friend, partner or a family member.

The psychology of narcissism – W. Keith Campbell

The sad thing is, their high self-esteem will tend to hurt the people around them. They are good at manipulating, gaslighting, abusing (verbally or physically), ghosting, etc. In fact, Narcissists can extremely take over one’s emotions through manipulation and finally, the victims are left traumatized after having a relationship with them.

Obviously, most Indian women have no idea about narcissism. To find and avoid interacting with them, one must learn a lot about this personality disorder. So, grasp the knowledge on NPD and avoid the consequences of suffering.

4. Trauma and Abuse

Coming to the other pressing fact that Indian women must know. Apart from other countries, Indian people wouldn’t know the term trauma or abuse. This is because it has become a part of the majority of people’s lives. Indians misunderstood the abuse and trauma with fights and hardships.

Trauma is a byproduct of continuous exposure to Abuse which a victim had to face. The trauma can affect your mental health as well as physical health. Victims who experienced trauma have a chance of diagnosing PTSD, OCD, BPD, Bipolar disorder, NPD, etc. Women may also face problems in their fertility and periods due to excessive trauma.

Abusing women

These consequences can only be avoided by analyzing the situation and acting on it. No one has the right to abuse you for whatever the reasons could be. So, don’t let yourself suffer more as you don’t deserve it.

5. Dysfunctional Family

In a household, if you experience constant quarrels, fights, abuse from your family members, then there are high chances for you to be in a dysfunctional family. Members from dysfunctional families believe that it is completely normal to have troubles at all times in a family. On the other hand, a family must provide a peaceful atmosphere.

Family fights

Generations from dysfunctional families would always be in a state of fear for troubles that are about to happen as always. They fear neglect and suffer from trauma from the family.

The best option to get rid of this stressful life is to stay away from the dysfunctional family. However, In India, most people from dysfunctional families are eternally held within the family itself. This is because of the emotional blackmail from them in the name of family and love that they never received first-hand.

6. Reaching a Psychiatrist

Most Indian people never wanted to go consult a psychiatrist. This is because they consider that psychiatrists are for demented persons only. They are unaware of the disorders that exist in this world in the first place. Even though they are aware of it, they wouldn’t seek a cure as they are comfortable with it.

Therapy from Psychiatrist

Also, they wouldn’t recommend others to seek a psychiatrist for trauma or stress as that may expose their toxicity. This results in never-ending drama and abuse within the Indian households. Therapy from a well-talented psychiatrist may help you to free yourself from every stress you have been handling from a different perspective. It saved many people from getting worse due to the abuse and damage. So, never believe the Indian myths about therapies and get one if you need one.

7. Mama’s Boy

“A male who prioritizes his parents will take good care of his partner too”, this is a myth between almost every woman in India. This myth is one of the major reasons for mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fights in Indian homes. In any case, a male who backs up his parents might be a crucial red flag.

Such male will also prioritize their parents even having their own family after marriage. In other words, he is still a kid for his parents rather than becoming a father/ husband in a family. Thus, he always makes decisions on his parent’s behalf even if his partner or kid did not agree with the terms. This results in huge conflict within a family.

So, Indian women must know to find the difference between a Boy and a Man. A man will always get his thoughts and morals straight. He agrees and disagrees with right and wrong even if it is from loved ones.

8. Differentiating the morals

Everyone should possess the human morals to define the way they live. However, since older ages, people tend to differentiate those morals for women especially. Society decides the way a woman should live, neglecting her own life desires and dreams. They define morals in the name of culture, superstitious beliefs, etc.

In the list of the things that Indian women must know, this is the only factor that people should fight for. Else, the basic rights of being a human will be neglected for every woman.


Since Indian women are not aware of the reason for the factors that trouble them, it was easy to have them in control. This resists their potential growth in society. So, with full awareness of the nitty-gritty of the things provided above, you can process the stress, anxiety and depression you are going through.

Sharing your experiences with others will always lower the weight on your shoulders. If you are not comfortable with expressing those details to the people you have known or if you cannot find a good listener in time, reach us at this website and vent it to a good listener who hears you.

 Getting hurt for no reason is not what you deserve. As we know, no one has the right to hurt you on any behalf. As you can see, certain factors are interlinked with others. This is because they are connected under manipulation, trauma, abuse, gaslighting, etc. That is why this article focuses on all these things that Indian women must know. Do share with fellow women, so it could save one’s life by broadening their perspective.


Q1. What are the things Indian women must know?

A. Indian women must know these things to know about this society.

  1. Prioritizing yourself
  2. Narcissism
  3. Trauma and Abuse
  4. Psychology Therapy
  5. Dysfunctional Family
  6. Human morals
  7. Boys psychology
  8. mothers boy

Q2. Why should Indian women care about their mental health?

A. Normally, every woman who suffers from mental illness has physical health problems accompanied by suicidal thoughts, etc. So, caring for your mental health is necessary.

Q3.  Why there are more women narcissists in India?

A. The family tree of most Indian women has people who are unhealed from their traumas. Further, they tend to pass it to their children. This is why there are more women narcissists in India.

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