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Why Narcissist Ignores You?

list of reasons why narcissist ignores you

Narcissists commonly got this super messed up behaviour of straight-up ignoring the victim. It’s like they can’t see beyond their own needs and desires, and they just don’t give a darn about the pain they cause others. The victims end up feeling like they don’t matter at all. 

Breaking free from this messed-up situation is crucial for the victims, But without knowing the reason behind the behaviours of narcissists, you run in circles with them in the abusive relationship.

Narcissists Ignore Your Pain

The narcissist’s behaviour of ignoring you is a distressing display of their self-centred nature and lack of empathy. When confronted with the consequences of their actions, they effortlessly turn a blind eye to the suffering they have caused. Their need to maintain an inflated sense of self-worth overshadows any concern for the well-being of others, leaving them feeling dismissed, unheard, and insignificant.

It’s like the narcissist thinks they’re untouchable and can do no wrong. They act like they’re immune to any responsibility or accountability. Apart from ignoring your pain, narcissists ignore you to cause pain too. Let’s see how and why below.

Reasons Why Narcissists Ignore You

Narcissists may ignore you for various reasons like,

And for more reasons. But why? To control of course. To control the situation, To control you, to control your life, and whatnot?

Let’s delve deeper into why narcissists are so fond of ignoring the victims.

1. To make you feel Guilty

The narcissists tend to blow tiny mistakes way out of proportion, making them seem like the end of the world. So, even if you did something small, they’ll act like you caused a major disaster.

When they get mad at you, they might give you the silent treatment. It’s like a punishment to make you feel super guilty for what you did. They want you to crawl back to them, begging for forgiveness like crazy.

2. Make you go Behind Them

Do you know how some narcissists just love to play games, especially in romantic relationships? They get a real kick out of it. It’s like they enjoy the excitement of knowing someone is into them, and they actually like being chased. 

So, if you notice them suddenly ignoring you, especially during that initial intense phase where they shower you with affection (the love-bombing phase), it might mean they’re starting to feel a little too attached. They want to flip the script and have you chasing after them instead.

3. When they get another Narcissistic Supply

Narcissists – they might start ignoring you if they’ve got their eyes on a new target, like another person who can give them that sense of entitlement they crave.

You see, narcissistic supply is what they call anything that feeds their ego and makes them feel like they’re the absolute best. They’re kind of addicted to getting approval, attention, and admiration from others. It’s like they depend on it to feel good about themselves, just as much as they need food and water.

4. To Make you Jealous

When it comes to narcissists, they might pull this trick by ignoring you by pretending they’re super busy when, in reality, they’re not that occupied at all.

Why do they do this? Well, it’s all part of their little game to make themselves seem way more important and exciting than they actually are. They want you to feel jealous of their supposed super cool and happening life, even though it might just be smoke and mirrors.

Also, they’ll be all secretive and mysterious about the people they hang out with. It’s like they don’t want you to know who’s in their life, and that’s just to mess with your head and make you feel uncertain. They want you to start acting all needy around them like you desperately want their attention.

5. To gain 24×7 Attention

As babies cry to get attention from their moms, sometimes narcissists ignore you just because they crave attention. It’s like they want to see how you’ll react and keep you on your toes. When you confront them about it, they often come up with excuses like, “Oh, sorry, I’ve been busy!” But it doesn’t always make sense, and it can be super frustrating for you.

The thing is, they like to stir the pot and play mind games with you. They might ignore your texts and calls but then suddenly like something you post on social media. It’s all a bit confusing, right? Well, that’s exactly what they want. They enjoy messing with your mind and seeing how you respond.

Will they stop ignoring you in the future? The thing is, The more you tolerate and enable their behaviour, the more they’ll keep doing it.

6. To initiate a Fight

Narcissists kind of thrive on conflicts. Conflict is like a playground for them; they find it interesting and sometimes even enjoyable. They enjoy pushing your buttons and watching you react. By ignoring you, they’re hoping to get under your skin and make you confront them about it. They feed off the conflict and chaos that follows, finding some kind of sick satisfaction in creating tension between you two.

7. To test your tolerance to the abuse

When a narcissist ignores you, it’s like they’re putting you to the test to see how much you can handle their mistreatment. It’s as if they want to push your buttons and gauge your tolerance for their abusive behaviour. They play this game of silent treatment, making you feel insignificant and unimportant, just to see if you’ll stick around and take their nonsense. 

They’re basically using this tactic to see how much control they have over you and how far they can push you without you walking away. It’s like they get some twisted satisfaction from watching you squirm and struggle to gain their attention and approval.

8. To Devalue You

In narcissistic relationships, they often follow a set pattern that you can kinda predict. It all starts with the idealizing phase, or what some call the love-bombing phase. Everything feels like a dream come true in this phase. 

But when the devaluing phase begins, the narcissist starts acting all abusive and nasty. They might use hurtful words, humiliate you, make threats, spread rumours about you, and even straight-up ignore you. It’s like they’re trying to tear you down and make you question everything about yourself.

9. To make you fall into the narcissistic Bond

Narcissists purposely ignore you to strengthen the narcissistic bond with you. By withdrawing their attention and affection, they want to manipulate your emotions and trigger a strong desire for their approval. This intentional distancing can leave you feeling inadequate and desperate, driving you to seek their validation and affection even more intensely. 

It becomes a cycle where you find yourself trapped in this toxic bond, with the narcissist exerting complete control. Breaking free from this damaging dynamic requires recognizing your inherent value and refusing to participate in their manipulative game. Empowering yourself to pursue healthier and more balanced relationships becomes essential for your personal growth and emotional well-being.


The act of a narcissist ignoring an individual serves multifaceted purposes in their manipulative arsenal. It goes beyond mere indifference or indifference to conflicts. Instead, it becomes a strategic weapon to exert control, elicit reactions, and maintain the upper hand in the relationship.

By ignoring their targets, they lure them into a web of emotional turmoil, exploiting vulnerabilities to fuel conflicts and foster a toxic environment. One should understand the motives behind their behaviour empowers individuals to break free from the chains of the narcissistic bond and pursue healthier, more fulfilling relationships. 

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