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What happens on Ignoring a Narcissist?

Narcissists generally don’t like being ignored, as it stifles their desire for constant validation and control.They might react with anger, or attempt to gain their attention or pursue revenge. It is therefore crucial to handle these situations with caution and a sense of support There’s nothing that the person who is a narcissist would rather…

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banner image with text complete guide on Google Word Coach

Guide to Google Word Coach

In the year 2018, Google launched a word game called “Google Word Coach.” This game was created with the purpose of helping people enhance their English vocabulary in an enjoyable and interesting manner. Google Vocabulary Game, also known as Google Word Coach Game, is an enjoyable activity developed by Google. It was introduced not only…

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image with text indicating information about the working of ZEPTO delivery

How Does Zepto 10 Min Delivery Works?

Since the pandemic, the concept of having groceries delivered to your doorstep through online platforms has become very popular. At this time, companies like Gorillas, JOKR, Swiggy Instamart, and Blinkit trying to reduce the delivery time. Zepto became the most successful one of all with their 10-minute delivery. Everyone is amazed thinking “How Zepto Delivery…

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image with text "Top components of Logistics management"

Top Components of Logistics Management

Think of logistics management as the force behind getting your desired things to you right when you want them. The top components of logistics management ensure products arrive safely, stores always have what you need, and delivery happens super smoothly. This interesting system keeps your products stocked, and your deliveries on time, and even predicts…

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banner from shameless indicating narcissistic family

11 Dysfunctional Things in a Narcissistic Family

Picture a family where one or more member dominates and controls everyone else, using emotional abuse, manipulation, and gaslighting tactics to maintain power and control. This is the reality for many individuals raised in a dysfunctional narcissistic family. Just think about how a child grows under such circumstances.  Children of narcissistic parents may be subjected…

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