How Paragon Footwear Got Success from 2 Marketing Campaigns?

Paragon Footwear’s Two Successful Marketing Campaigns

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Let’s take a closer look at how Paragon’s “We Touch Every Indian” and “Watch and Win” campaigns are used to connect with a bigger and younger audience. Paragon’s solid marketing campaigns worked like a charm with perfectly planned strategy and execution techniques.

In the world of Indian companies, Paragon is a big deal. They’re famous for making really good and long-lasting shoes that lots of people in India wear. Paragon’s Footwear are everywhere, from big cities to small villages, and in this article, we’re going to figure out how they manage to reach so many people. We’ll break down their two infamous marketing campaigns and see what makes them so special.

We Touch Every Indian’s Feet Campaign

Imagine you’re on Instagram, scrolling through fun short videos. Paragon, a famous shoe brand, wanted to grab the attention of more people, especially young folks like you. 

So, thanks to social media and influencers, Paragon now made sure more people know they’re a brand you can trust for high-quality shoes with this infamous marketing campaign, i.e.,  #WeTouchEveryIndiansFeet.

Main Objective of Paragon’s Influencer Marketing

Paragon’s marketing campaign harnessed the power of influencers to achieve several key objectives. The primary goal was to increase awareness and unite a wide range of audiences, emphasizing the brand’s mission to connect with every Indian at a personal level, right down to their “sole.”

Additionally, Paragon’s campaign also aimed to reinforce its core values of trust and uncompromising quality. These values have been at the heart of Paragon Footwear since its inception, and the campaign sought to make sure that this commitment to trust and quality was well-communicated to its audience.

In essence, Paragon’s campaign had a two-fold mission: to connect with diverse audiences and to emphasize the brand’s unwavering dedication to trust and quality, both of which are integral to its identity.

Major Challenge of the Campaign

In line with its mission of making a meaningful impact on the lives of every Indian, Paragon crafted the #WeTouchEveryIndiansFeet campaign. This strategic initiative aimed to resonate with a younger demographic, spotlighting the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and durability with the help of influential figures.

One major challenge Paragon faced in this campaign was breaking through the noise in a crowded digital space. With countless messages vying for attention, the task was to stand out and truly connect with the younger audience.

Despite these challenges, Paragon’s #WeTouchEveryIndiansFeet campaign endeavored to leave a lasting impression on the younger generation while upholding its brand values.

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A Creative Take

To infuse creativity into the campaign, Paragon adopted an innovative approach. They engaged both macro and micro-influencers hailing from various states to effectively convey the brand’s message and extend its reach. 

These influencers were tasked with adding a unique twist to their content by showcasing clothing indigenous to their respective regions and dancing to traditional tunes, all while sporting Paragon Footwear. To maintain consistency and enhance brand recognition, each video featured the prominent placement of the Paragon logo.

This creative strategy not only celebrated the diversity of India but also strengthened the campaign’s connection with a wide-ranging audience. It showcased the fusion of Paragon’s products with local culture, making the brand more relatable and memorable for viewers. 

By combining tradition, fashion, and the Paragon logo in each influencer’s video, the campaign achieved its objective of effectively reaching out to and engaging a diverse audience across the country.

Strategy in Picking the Right Influencers

The success of this campaign hinged on a well-thought-out strategy for selecting the most suitable influencers, balancing both micro and macro figures effectively. The primary criteria for influencer selection revolved around two key factors: a substantial follower count and a strong engagement rate

Equally essential was the authenticity of the influencer’s following, with a rigorous check to weed out any fake followers or engagement tactics involving comment bots and pods.

Furthermore, creativity played a vital role in enhancing the overall performance of the campaign. After conducting extensive research and evaluation, a carefully curated group of 21 influencers emerged as the ideal candidates to carry forward the campaign’s message. 

This strategy aimed to ensure that the influencers chosen would authentically resonate with the target audience, deliver a compelling message, and effectively amplify the brand’s values.


After the influencer selection process, each of them was generously gifted a pair of Paragon footwear based on their preferences. They were given full creative freedom to style the footwear as they saw fit, with the only requirement being that they wore Paragon’s products.

Utilizing Instagram Reels, these content creators breathed life into the campaign with a series of captivating dance performances that began to generate significant attention almost instantly. 


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A post shared by Poorav (@pooodup)

As an illustrative example, Poorav from Karnataka created a remarkable dance skit that not only showcased his talent but also effectively communicated the brand’s key message.

This approach to executing the campaign ensured that influencers were not only aligned with the brand but also had the creative space to infuse their unique personalities into the content, resulting in an engaging and impactful campaign that resonated with the audience.

Watch and Win campaign

Paragon Footwear’s “We Touch Every Indian’s Feet” campaign aimed to capture people’s attention and convey the brand’s rich history of reaching every part of India.

The Challenge for Watch and Win Campaign

Handling the sudden surge in website traffic was no small task. The unexpected influx of visitors due to the newspaper ads posed a significant challenge. It was crucial to ensure that the website could cope with this surge while providing a seamless experience for all users.

A Strategic Approach

In response to this challenge, a well-thought-out strategy was implemented. Detailed research and planning were carried out to estimate the expected traffic based on newspaper circulation and publication dates. This data-driven approach enabled the team to make informed decisions on server capacity.

The server and development teams collaborated closely to optimize performance. They horizontally scaled the application servers to handle traffic fluctuations throughout the day, ensuring that the servers were added during peak hours and removed during periods of lower activity. 

The development team focused on enhancing user experience by streamlining contest pages for quick loading times, achieving the goal of completing the entire contest process in under a minute.

Blossomed Result

The results of this campaign exceeded expectations, demonstrating the effectiveness of the chosen approach. With no technical glitches or interruptions, the campaign successfully managed the influx of traffic and captured valuable participant data.

  1. Total participants: 53,201
  2. Conversion rate (visitors to registrations): 26%
  3. Users: 207,037
  4. Page Views: 592,273
  5. Number of Registrations: 53,201
  6. Peak concurrent users: 4,000

This case study highlights the importance of careful planning and a data-driven approach when executing large-scale marketing campaigns to ensure a seamless user experience and successful outcomes.

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