Guide to Win on Movers and Shakers in Amazon 2023

Guide for Winning in Amazon’s Movers and Shakers List

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Amazon introduced a feature called Movers and Shakers in 2017 to help customers discover new and trending products. It has then become a popular feature among Amazon shoppers, as it can help them find products that are in high demand. It is also a valuable tool for Amazon sellers, as it can help them identify products that are trending and may be worth promoting.

For those who never heard of this feature, you could read this article and look it up on Amazon to reap its benefits. For a seller, this article would be a good guide to start with Amazon’s Movers and Shakers and get top of the list to get more sales in a short time.

What is Amazon Movers and Shakers Feature?

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Amazon’s “Movers and Shakers” is a feature that highlights products that have recently experienced a significant increase in sales rank or popularity. The feature updates every 24 hours which list and highlights products that are currently experiencing a surge in sales.

The term “Movers and Shakers” refers to products that are currently gaining traction and rapidly moving up in terms of sales or customer interest. This feature has become popular among Amazon shoppers, as it can help them find products that are in high demand using Sales Rank.

The sales rank is a measure of how well a product is selling on Amazon, with lower numbers being better. Hence, it is also a valuable tool for Amazon sellers, as it can help them identify products that are trending and may be worth promoting.

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Movers and Shakers Available Countries

1 Germany
2 Turkey
3 France
4 Australia
5 Japan
6 Singapore
7 Italy
8 Mexico
9 The United Arab Emirates
10 India
11 Canada
12 China
13 United Kingdom
14 Brazil
15 United States
16 Spain


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Amazon “Movers and Shakers” and “Best Sellers”

The “Movers and Shakers” list may seem similar to the Amazon Best Seller page, but there are differences to understand.

Amazon Movers & Shakers Amazon Best Seller
It shows about 24 hours of performance of the product. It shows about 30 days of performance of the product.
A product gets to the top spot in Amazon Movers and Shakers when it sells more than it did the day before. It tells us what’s selling well right now and how much it has sold in the past.
It is updated on an hourly basis It is also updated on an hourly basis

Time Period: These two lists cover different time periods. The Amazon Best Seller page showcases products that have performed well over the past 30 days. In contrast, the Amazon Movers and Shakers page only focuses on the past 24 hours. So, it’s like comparing a whole month to just one day.

Ranking Factor: There’s a difference in what these rankings emphasize. The Amazon Best Seller page highlights products with the most sales, meaning they’re already very popular. On the other hand, the Amazon Movers and Shakers list spotlights products that are rapidly gaining popularity.

How Movers and Shakers useful for Amazon Sellers? 

Well, these distinctions make the Amazon Movers and Shakers list really handy for spotting trends and opportunities that other sellers might not have caught onto yet. It’s like getting a sneak peek at what’s about to become popular.

Can you get top on both “Movers and shakers” and “Best Seller” at the same time? 

Even if a product doesn’t sell a lot, it can still climb to the top of the Amazon Movers and Shakers page. Since it is ranked on Movers and Shakers, it doesn’t mean it’s at the top of the Amazon Best Seller Page.

The reason is, that the Best Seller will be listed based on the monthly performance where the product will have comparatively low sales on the trending products that have had sales over the past 24 hours.

screenshot of amazon and pointing out the categories in Movers and Shakers list. It also points out the current trend indicator

Pro Tip: According to the study conducted by the e-commerce research firm Marketplace Pulse, the Movers and Shakers list is increasingly dominated by products in the home, kitchen, and health & beauty categories. Hence, Targeting such categories and listing such products would get you ranked quickly.

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How To Increase Sales in Amazon Movers and Shakers?

To boost sales and get your products to the top of Amazon’s Movers and Shakers category, sellers can use different strategies. One key thing to know is that in the Movers and Shakers category, products that suddenly become really popular get shown prominently.

Hence, you need to build some quick momentum in Amazon around your products to get ranked in the Movers and Shakers by setting the right price deals,  getting good customer reviews, optimizing your listing correctly and getting some buyers by sharing it through your social media.

Setting the Right Price Tag: Having the right prices can make a big difference. If you offer competitive prices or run special deals, it can attract shoppers who love a good bargain. You can also use Amazon’s tools like Sponsored Products or Lightning Deals to make more people see your products and visit your page.

Reviews: Customer reviews matter a lot on Amazon. When happy customers leave positive reviews, it helps others trust your products. And when you quickly answer questions or solve problems for customers, it shows you offer great service, which builds your reputation.

Optimized Listing: It is important to make your product listings look appealing and show up in search results. To do this, use the right keywords and write descriptions that make people want to buy. Researching which words are popular in this category will help you figure out what people are looking for.”

How to Optimize your Product list to get Ranked in Movers and Shakers?

By implementing these optimization strategies effectively, you can enhance the visibility of your products on Amazon’s platform while increasing the likelihood of ranking in the highly sought-after Movers and Shakers section.

1. Set the right Price Tag

Consider offering competitive prices or running limited-time promotions to attract more customers and increase sales velocity

2. Get Quality Reviews

Encouraging honest customer reviews is a smart move to boost your product’s search visibility. But remember, any attempts to gather reviews through deceptive methods may lead to penalties from Amazon for rule violations.

3. Choose the Right Category

Choosing the right category and subcategory for your products is super important. Some sellers make a mistake by picking the wrong one. If you do that, it can cause problems for your business right from the start.

4. Add good Keywords

It is crucial to conduct thorough keyword research. Identify relevant keywords that are commonly used by customers searching for products similar to yours. Incorporate these keywords strategically into your product title, bullet points, and product description to improve visibility in search results.

5. Add High-Quality Images

When you’re showing off your products, make sure to use really good, clear pictures, especially 3D ones with high quality. So, it’s super important to use awesome pictures. Try using pictures that show your product in real-life situations, like how to use it. Make sure your pictures are bright and clear, and show exactly what your product can do.

Final Thoughts

These insights are invaluable for anyone seeking success in the competitive realm of Amazon selling. It’s crucial to remember that effectively showcasing your products and offering top-notch customer service are fundamental elements for triumph in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce.

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