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About Us

About Us

Globally, around 800,000 people die from suicide every year. That’s one person every 40 seconds. In that, most of them choose death over life when their friends, acquaintances, families, and partners avoid listening to their problems. Yes, listening to someone with an open mind can solve greater problems like stress, trauma, abuse, domestic violence, suicidal thoughts, etc.


Listening Saves Lives

UDANTE understands the need for a listener in this society and initiated this online platform. Here, we select virtuous people to give an ear to people who are suffering in silence. Our platform consists of empathetic, kind, and caring people who can give some valuable opinions, POVs, and spread love. A healthy conversation on the issue a victim is facing gives emotional support as well as the hope to live.

Our Vission

At the same time, some people are stressed, depressed, anxious, and struggle to get hold of their feelings. They might have life problems like being in narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, jobless, breakups, loneliness, struggling to heal, or whatnot. Such people are in desperate need to vent out their emotions to somebody who actually cares for them.

In this society of race and toxic people, it is hard for emotionally drained people to find good people and ask for help. This very UDANTE platform has been launched to give hand to those who are drowning in the midst. They don’t need “go to therapy” advice, but someone who listens. 

Note: People who are dealing with mental illness, extreme violence, and loss of mental stability are strictly advised to get a professional medical attention

Give you a place, where you can vent out your emotions with our individuals' openhearted and feel to be in a safe place.

(Remember that your story and details are safe with us.)

Join in, let's talk.

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