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Importance of Introducing Personality Development for kids

Personality development for kids

Humans are getting modernized day by day, which greatly impacted the culture, education, personalities, and lifestyle of the current generation. These impacts have to be commonly faced by the present young generation, so-called Gen-Z.


Among these young ones who are facing these changes, one of them may be your kid. Without a basic education and personality development skill, adapting to these pacing changes may be tough. So, this article will help you to delve into the importance of Personality development for kids and teach efficiently.


To understand the essentials and the ways to teach personality development to kids, you must have a clear understanding of it in the first place.

What is Personality development?

Personality development is shaping and enriching one’s character, habits, and talents to have a fully bloomed personality in time. This is achieved through education, parenting, and training courses. A person who inherited personality development activities tends to be more virtuous and wiser.

Why is personality development important in today’s life?

Today’s world is more complicated than in earlier days. Everyone is having their daily life facing many hurdles on their way. The hurdles keep on changing and have become more challenging. You may find the lifestyle of this modern age is difficult, but it isn’t. With your personality development and soft skills, you can evade any hurdles that you face in your life with ease.

What will happen in lack of Personality development?

The personality of a person defines his/her life, his skills, friends, etc. Good people always get attracted to one who has a good personality. Without a quality personality, self-development and achieving goals are not possible. You cannot segregate your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you may lack decision-making and other soft skills in absence of personality development. 

In terms of mental health, a person can experience stress, anxiety, depression, and also even existential crisis without a standard personality. He/ she cannot bear the difficulties they face in their life. So, having a good personality results in a healthy mindset.

What are the big five personality traits?

According to research, it is found that people’s attributes can be categorized into five big traits. They are,

  1. Extraversion
  2. Agreeableness
  3. Conscientiousness
  4. Emotional Stability
  5. Openness to experience

Extraversion- A person with an extraversion personality is liable to be dominant, more energetic, and optimistic especially in social interactions.

Agreeableness- Agreeableness personality people possess a helping tendency, a gentle approach, and being peaceful in nature. They wish to maintain a healthy and attached relationship.

Conscientiousness- People with conscientious personalities are found to be more responsible with good organizing quality. They have a highly guarded mindset with controlled behavior and are also mindful of their actions.

Emotional Stability- An emotionally stable person can adapt to any circumstances and is found to deal with anger issues or any other negative emotional situations.

Openness to experience- A person with an openness to experience personality is always eager to learn new things. Also, they were found to be highly intellectual with immense curiosity and creativity.

 Wrapping up the overview of personality development and diving more into the content.

Why personality development must be introduced at a young age?

Nobody in this world possesses a personality by birth. There are chances of transferring certain traits through genetics, but they are indeed changeable. The young generation so-called Gen- Z falls under the age gap of 9 – 24 years.

During the Gen-Z period, kids experience various hormonal changes resulting in experiencing different types of emotions. So, Personality development has to be introduced to kids to shape their emotions and changes to be productive in their teenage years. 

On the other factor, introducing soft skills and personality development at a young age is easier than teaching for an adult. Adults have a built-up personality that may be hard to alter even through training or therapies.

 In addition to that, during teenage, kids who have undergone personality development deal with their romantic relationships much healthier. On the other hand, in lacking quality personality, relationships might always be trouble. 

How personality development helps the education of the kids?

Introducing personality development to your child helps to achieve certain soft skills such as

       Creative Thinking

       Interpersonal skills




       Decision making




       Teamwork, etc.

Implementing these soft skills is itself a road to success. Considering these skills, interpersonal skills include language fluency, public speaking, reading, presentation skills, and group discussion. With these qualities, your kid will be able to bypass any interactive exams with fewer difficulties. 

 With the management skills, your kid can achieve time management as well as handle emotions such as stress and anger. This helps your child to be focused and learn quicker.

By introducing your kid to Self-confidence and self-motivation through personality development, the kid has sufficient self-esteem and courage to face the exams. Also, these kids proved to have lesser stage fear. 

How Personality development assists the future of the kids?

Having a developed personality not alone helps your kid’s education, but also sets the pillar of the child’s life. People attract or hold back at people by judging their personalities. Thus, the lessons which are imprinted in the personality of children will always be supportive.

 Your kid might experience all these circumstances in the lifetime,





       Parenting, etc.

To have a thriving life in all these phases, an upright personality development must have been introduced at a young age.

Phases of life

Achieving dreams and career

Firstly, the induced self-motivation and an optimistic character would always shoulder your kid when he/she wants a dream job or to achieve dreams. Then, the enriched creativity through personality development helps the way to achieve the goals.  Also, it ensures the personal growth of the kid during the life phases.

Healthy Relationships

When it comes to relationships, you can see there are very few long-term healthy relationships nowadays. Lack of personality development at a young age is the main reason for such a case. We would come across toxic and malignant people in our life. But having such a person as a partner could shatter your kid’s life. 

 The caring, active listening, negotiating, reciprocating and virtuous character inherited through personality development guides you to have a healthy relationship or to avoid toxic encounters.


At some point, your child will reach a stage of life where the parenting part has to be made to his/ her child. At that stage, the decision-making quality with kindness and empathy will play a major role. The management skills will greatly aid to manage finance, kids, and career at the same time.

Traveling and Gatherings

Adulting is a very interesting factor for every kid. They meet people, interact with them, make friends, enjoy, and grow with them. By educating well-defined personality development, you can prevent your kid from taking the wrong side in life. Also, a constant journey, migration, transfers are possible in the lifetime. So, meeting new people cannot be restricted in one’s life.

In such a case, the socializing skills, cooperative and supportive personality backs your kids to make healthy friends easily.

How should parents introduce PD to kids?

 Dealing with their kids must be tougher for most parents. Exam scores, health, and extracurricular activities are given more priority by the parents. Kindly stop worrying more about these factors and start focusing on developing a good personality for your kid. With that, your child could get other factors as a result.

Importance of parenting the kids

 Remember these steps and introduce an adequate amount of personality development for your kids.

Remember every child is unique

Firstly, everyone in this world has a unique character, capability, and mindset. So, it is completely fine for your kid to not keep up with other kids. Start analyzing and listening to your kid’s interests and abilities to enrich them.

Appreciate the changes

At any point, kids may change their interests that do not align with their parent’s wishes. At such times, you should not force or try to deviate kids’ interests. This is the age for analyzing several interests and settling on one to make a career out of it in the future. So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to guide them along the way.

Be a Good Listener

Earning the trust of children is the most crucial part of parenting. Children always love those who listen to them. Their minds are so energetic and flow with curiosity. They get hyped while saying something they like and expect others to apprehend them.

 So, value your kid’s emotions, whether it is a positive or negative emotion, listen to them and respond to them in an adherent manner.

Give freedom

It is necessary for kids to have the fruit of youth. Experiencing the playful nature with friends gives lifelong flourishing memories that cannot be earned through studying. By giving them the freedom they deserve, socializing and communicative skills will improve naturally.

 In addition to that, being playful gives flexibility, physical training to their body and strengthens their build.   

Allow making decisions

Giving freedom of choice builds self-worth, confidence, and motivation to do things productively. So, allow your kids to make their own decisions on almost every small aspect. This results in building solid decision-making skills for the future.

Do not label kids

Comparing and labeling kids are the worst way of parenting. It ruins the self-worth, self-love, and confidence of a kid. It also puts a stop to the personal growth of your child. Understand these consequences and stop comparing other kids’ characters, achievements, or anything with your kid.

Personality development classes

If you find it difficult to guide your kids, there are two factors that might cause trouble parenting. Firstly, your kid might be special with a hyped-up personality that needs personality development training. Second, as a parent, you must have a lack of knowledge in personality development. Attending personality development programs for parents is a solution for that. 

How to introduce Personality development to kids through education?

We can come across practices that are normally implemented in educational institutions and schools that develop personality development in kids. For instance, the rule of uniforms to kids indirectly teaches uniformity and equality to the students. Also, the exams and other activities aim to develop competitive and educational soft skills for the students.

However, school education must take a major part in shaping the child’s personality as children spend most of their time in schools. So, along with academic education, teaching personality development is a must for the students. Here is how you could teach them.

Motivational Seminars

Conducting motivational speeches or seminars from successful people could create an impact on the children. Explaining the hardships, life paths, ways they overcome, and the results they have obtained inspire children to work hard for their success. It motivates them to see the taste of success with passion and smartness.

Interactive Sessions

Teacher-student interactive sessions are very important for improving interpersonal skills and building a relationship with the mentor i.e., teacher.

Need of interaction from teachers

Teachers must also be interactive during academic classes too so that understanding the topics would be much easier for kids.

Brainstorming Sessions

Giving creative assignments or to the students, allocating teams, and making them brainstorm ideas for it is the best practice to introduce creative skills. Additionally, it ensures teamwork skills and conflict resolution tactics.

Group Discussion

Providing a topic to think about and briefing the ideas to fellow students through group discussions develops certain skills for the students. Discussion about the pros and cons of the topic provided, students can find out the strength and weaknesses of any specific things. It also helps to learn about their shortcomings and build them.

Physical Training Classes

Physical training is as much as important as other development skills to build a personality. Having a healthy body promises good mental health.

Physical training improves personality

Physical training classes must include solo sports, team sports along with yoga and meditation sessions. Achieving physical training classes provides toughness and sportiveness among students. Physical training classes bring out the sportsmanship and peculiar talents in the sports side.


As we experience in our daily life, we know that not all people around us are good people. We must’ve come across some toxic and selfish people. Possessing a toxic personality shows a complete lack of personality development in them. Thus, it must be induced with them through education or experience.

Learning through experiences is not a guaranteed one and is time-consuming. Personal growth is not possible without a structured personality. So, we have no choice other than to introduce personality development for kids at a young age.

But people don’t seem to have knowledge or awareness about personality development. This shows the lack of consciousness within people. So, understanding the importance and educating your kid as well as creating awareness for society is necessary.

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