Ignoring a Narcissist: How to & How it will be

What happens on Ignoring a Narcissist?

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Narcissists generally don’t like being ignored, as it stifles their desire for constant validation and control.They might react with anger, or attempt to gain their attention or pursue revenge. It is therefore crucial to handle these situations with caution and a sense of support

There’s nothing that the person who is a narcissist would rather than be ignored. If you do not take care of a narcissist you run the risk of a likelihood that they become angry.

Now, the question is “What occurs when you do not pay attention to an Narcissist? And how is it going affect your life?”. We will go through this article to find out more about this. What is the impact on you?


What does Ignoring mean to a Narcissist?

Narcissists thrive on a continuous flow of admiration and attention from other people, commonly described as their “narcissistic supply.’ This is vital to maintain their self-esteem and conceal their deep-seated fears.

Each compliment, each acknowledgment and every affirmation boosts their self-image. If this attention is cut off, narcissists experience a deep loss, similar to physical loss. The loss of attention could trigger a variety of responses that originate in their need to replenish their narcissistic quota. This is akin to stopping the endless fake drama.

The act of ignoring a narcissist could cause intense reactions, such as anger, manipulation and self-destruction if their need for attention is not fulfilled.

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Is Ignoring the right way to get away from the narcissist?

A narcissist might be able to sabotage others’ feelings and sabotage their self-worth. So, taking revenge could cause you to be just as selfish as the people around you. Follow the no-contact rule, and then walk away from them.

Neglecting a narcissist is an effective way of getting away from their manipulation and lessening their influence upon your personal life. This is known as”the “gray rock” method. By minimizing emotional responses and keeping a neutral, non-interesting appearance, you decrease the narcissist’s desire to interact with you.

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How Narcissists will React being Ignored?

Narcissists usually react negatively to being ignored since it challenges their self-esteem and their constant need for admiration and attention from you. They can become angry, irritable or even rageful and they might try to get your attention by different methods, including guilt-tripping or pleading, or making threats. In some instances, they might even shout at you physically or verbally.

When you ignore a narcissist, he/she might assume that you have figured them for who they are. Hence you can expect the reaction exactly similar when you know about narcissist and their narcissistic tendencies. Let’s see what are the best chances of how narcissists will react to being ignored. 


1. Ghosting you Back

Narcissists are like if the first method doesn’t work but the second one does, then the first will work. Ghosting is a method of treatment that is a devious tactic to assert control and create emotional stress. By not addressing them, they cause feelings of confusion and self-doubt, causing you to think you are the culprit.

However, their behavior of ghosting is a sign of their ability to deal with rejection and is a desperate effort to preserve their status.


2. Stalk Forever

The act of ignoring a narcissist may appear to be a way of putting a stop to the destructive narcissistic bond however, in their eyes, this is the beginning of an ominous obsession. Once you’ve cut off their control and attention then they’ll begin to stalk you as their first step.

Stalking can be used as a way to assert their authority over you and control your feelings. They’ll inform you that they’re stalking you, which implies that they’re the victim of your behavior.

This can trigger guilt and pull you back to the abusive bond once more by removing them.


3. Contact your loved ones

Narcissists can’t resist looking at you and observing your actions. By ignoring them, they are not receiving enough narc supply.

Moving on isn’t in their vocabulary. Therefore, they attempt to contact your closest relatives and friends. They gain access, such as gaining sympathies, spreading false stories and even creating a rift in between yourself and family members.

Therefore, surround yourself with a community that understands and respects your boundaries, which will allow your body to recover and gain control over your life.


4. Send Flying Monkeys and enablers

If their efforts to distract you and draw your attention fail then they will send other people named “Flying monkeys” and ” Narcissist Enablers“. These are people whom the narcissist has enlisted to perform their own bidding and to attack you on their behalf. When they realize that their control over you is declining due to blockage and they are able to deploy the flying monkeys to intimidate you, guilt-trip or press you to take back the drugs from you.

They could be relatives, friends or acquaintances who are who are misled by the narcissist’s delusional story of the events. The flying monkeys could also be innocent, however, it is better to avoid anyone who tries to convince you to return to the person who is a narcissist.

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5. Apologize for sake

If there’s no way to reach, they understand that an apology will bring you back under control. But, the apology is typically untrue and does not show genuine regret. Their main goal is not to be accountable for their actions, but rather to manipulate them and gain power over their victims. Insincere apology statements are a part of their elaborate strategy to lure you back to their web of manipulation.

They may play up their charm and appear modest, making it difficult to discern their true motives. Recognizing fake apology messages is vital to protect yourself from emotional damage


6. Try to provoke you somehow

If the narcissist’s patience is up and the narcissist cannot be silent and tries to reach you by some means. When they realize that you’re uninterested in their presence They go to the limit to grab your attention.

It’s also inconceivable that they attempt to harm you or your family members by hurting your children’s pets, your personal items or even your kids.

They don’t have the kind of love they want from the person they consider a narcissistic supply. Narcissists only want to control the person they love through suffering or love.

They will attempt to hurt you and your loved family members in order to get back at them for hurting.


.7. Threaten you to get back into the relationship

Ignoring makes a narcissist fear you. Hence, they feel threatened and want to threaten you back. Threats can take a variety of disturbing forms, including blackmailing, in which they try to make use of intimate information or images to manipulate and coerce you.

Their aim is to instill the fear of vulnerability and make you rethink your decision to stop them. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go back to them. But, you must reach to trusted family members, friends or professionals who can aid you through this stressful circumstance.


8. Conduct Smear Campaigns

In the event of continually not paying attention to the narcissists’ behavior, eventually, they’ll indulge in some form of anger or revenge. On the list of options, smear campaigns are just one.

If they’re unable to manage rejection, they can cause damage to your reputation if they fail to handle losing control and being rejected to maintain their appearance and keep their image of being superior.

They spread stories, lies and distortions of your character in order to change others’ views and make people turn against you via a smear campaign. This deliberate and brutal behavior is designed to socially isolate you, leaving you feeling insignificant and powerless.


9. Dating the People You know

This may seem at first glance, but that’s the reality. If you do not take a stand against the narcissist, they could react with a bizarre and manipulative strategy to get you to date their acquaintances or others you know. This is fueled by the desire to take revenge against the rejection of theirs.

If you are dating someone from your circle of friends and attempting to influence them, they’ll be able to influence your life in indirect ways and create anxiety or jealousy within the person. It’s a dangerous game aimed at undermining your emotional well-being and causing a feeling of chaos.


10. They claim you are a narcissist

Being a good person and enduring all the blame and being called a narcissist or a hypocrite by somebody is unfair, don’t you think? Naturally, you’ll be furious in this kind of situation. This is exactly what a narcissist would like from you. They’d like to irritate you and then make you suffer.

This reversed role is an excellent instance of projection, in which a person who is narcissistic projects their personality onto others in order to hide their own weaknesses. In naming their target the narcissist they seek to avoid blame and cause doubt among their mutual friends or acquaintances.

Be calm and adhere to the gray rocking method of not expressing your feelings with their actions. Be in the shade of self-satisfaction and recognize your worthiness to protect yourself from being swayed by the accusations of others.


Steps to Ignore a Narcissist Safely

Here are the best 10 steps for safely ignoring narcissists:

  1. Understand Their Tactics: Recognize their patterns of manipulation and understand their strategies to provoke reactions.
  2. Set Boundaries: Create clear boundaries to protect yourself and prevent manipulation by others from having an adverse impact.
  3. Limit Interactions: Wherever possible, minimize interactions – whether in person, over the phone, or digitally.
  4. Stay Neutral in Conversation and Interaction: Maintain an even tone, showing no emotional reaction when someone attempts to provoke you.
  5. Avoid Reacting: Refrain from responding emotionally or defensively when people provoke you; doing so deprives them of the response they desire.
  6. Focus on Yourself: Shift your focus away from their influence by investing your energy in yourself through hobbies, self-improvement or interests that bring fulfillment and satisfaction.
  7. Avoid Personal Sharing: Be wary of sharing personal details or vulnerabilities that a narcissist could use against you.
  8. Seek Support: Establish a supportive network of friends, family or therapists familiar with narcissistic behaviors to assist.
  9. Take Care to Nurture Your Mental and Emotional Well-Being: Make time for self-care activities that enhance both mental and emotional well-being, like meditation, exercise or creative activities.
  10. Stay Strong: Firmly assert your boundaries by consistently upholding them and disallowing any attempt at manipulation by others to strengthen your stance.


Successfully Ignoring the Narcissist

Successfully ignoring narcissists can bring about significant positive transformation in one’s life. Emotionally, there will be relief as your emotional reactions to their manipulations cease, leading to inner peace and stability.

Control over reactions boosts confidence and assertiveness, strengthening relationships across all aspects. Without constant stress from manipulation, there’s room for personal development and self-discovery while decision-making becomes clearer leading to improved judgment in every aspect of life.

Away from their presence and influence lies space for emotional healing from any injuries inflicted by their relationship. Finding joy again in simple activities becomes possible; opening up one to notice new opportunities or possibilities they had previously overlooked. 

Successfully ignoring narcissists marks the start of a journey toward a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling existence for the individuals involved.

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