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10 best things that happen after leaving the narcissist

Good things happen after leaving a narcissist

We all know that leaving the Narcissist is tough. However, here you are! Willing to know about the good things that happen after leaving the narcissist. Although walking away from a narcissist may be a post-traumatic journey fraught with self-doubt and anxiety, let’s concentrate on the positive aspects to help you see clearly and heal faster.


After so many struggles, hardships, and withstanding abuses, a victim of narcissism has no option except to either stay captive for the rest of their lives or leave the narcissist for peace. If you are here reading this article, you might have already left or are planning on leaving the narcissist. 


You can be in a state of confusion and self-doubts right now about whether going No-Contact will benefit you or not. So, reading this article might give a clear view of the positive aspects of leaving the narcissist. 


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Now, let’s get into the article. 


What are the benefits after leaving the narcissist?


Leaving a narcissist may hit hard as your obsession with the person who manipulated you into an abusive relationship is strong and painful to get over that. 


You may be guilty of leaving someone behind and uncertain whether your decision is correct or not. Some people believe that leaving an abusive partner makes them a narcissist. As a matter of fact, it is what every narcissistic survivor is experiencing after leaving the narcissist. 


This is why you should read the article Am I a narcissist?


Leaving the narcissist is the only possible way for any victim to exit from an abusive relationship. You can neither change them nor call out on them for obvious reasons that may get things worse. 


Is leaving the narcissist the best way?


Although stepping away from the trauma bond of a narcissistic relationship is painful and fraught with concerns and self-doubts, it opens the path for you to recover and build self-worth and boundaries, making your life better than it was in an abusive relationship.


Some of the best things that will happen in your life after leaving the narcissist are listed here. 


1. End of endless monologues


When you are in a narcissistic relationship, they make you believe it as a mutual relationship at first, but in no time, a narcissist will start to monologue. The self-pride wants to show off who they are and what they are capable of. They want to be your center of attention, even if it takes all your energy, time, and money. 


In a narcissistic relationship, your opinions don’t matter until they speak; Unfortunately, they won’t stop monologuing about themselves.


When you leave a narcissistic relationship, the endless validation you gave to their never-ending monologues comes to an end. The pressure to agree with their pointless opinions while dismissing yours will end. Isn’t that what freedom looks like to you? Yes, it is.


2. No more walking on eggshells


Victims of narcissists were constantly subjected to gaslighting, silent treatments, and narcissistic tantrums. Through this, they have complete control over your emotions. If you want to do something on your own, you will be afraid of triggering the narcissist.


The neverending fear of not triggering the narcissist and preserving the relationship from falling apart is what it feels like walking on eggshells. 


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Leaving the narcissist is when you realize that the relationship you worked so hard to keep has already fallen apart. Perhaps the relationship hasn’t even begun to end.


3. Full stop to meaningless fights and anxieties


Waking up to quarrels, tantrums, and battling different fights every day is how a relationship with a narcissist goes. Some get hurt, and some fight back, but it always is a nightmare to be in an abusive relationship. 



Why should you fight for nothing if they have no will to change or genuinely apologize?


Life becomes calm and peaceful after leaving a narcissist, even though you struggle to move on. All you have to do is acknowledge the calm and peace in the absence of the narcissist. Embrace it and feel the difference. 


4. You are enough for yourself


Giving everything to the narcissist that is meant for you is what every victim has done in a narcissistic relationship. Whatever you have done, the narcissist won’t get fulfilled. Their soul is like an empty hollow that can never be filled. Despite that, they ask for more attention and validation while disrespecting you. 


The feeling of not being enough to your partner is hurtful. You don’t deserve that!


After leaving the narcissist, it is time to create self-worth and self-love. Validating oneself and admitting your innocence makes you sufficient for yourself. Even if the narcissist has isolated you from your friends and family, you cannot get back on track unless you first become enough for yourself.


5. Have a full seat, not on edge as before


Have you ever held your breath to stop crying and wet your pillows with tears in silence? You most likely would. The inability to resolve issues with the narcissist you love and accept what they gaslight pushes you over the edge, filling you with anxiety and stress. It feels like you are in the vicinity of their explosion. 


The narcissist will drink down your throat and keep you on the verge of an emotional breakdown. The abuse you have indulged has no words to describe and no one to listen to.


As a turnaround, you will feel safe and secure after leaving the narcissist. You may miss the bond but not miss the abuse. So, life will become peaceful once you leave the narcissist. 


 6. You don’t feel stupid anymore


If you missed the red flags like when your partner starts disliking anything you like, is always negative, and always tries to criticize your personality and physical features, you may have missed these red flags of the narcissist in a relationship as well.  


Narcissists fantasize about being a perfect human being, despite the fact that they are not and are always eager to point out your flaws, insult you, or make you feel insecure. They even insult your talents, profession, and anything else to depict that you lack knowledge.


After you leave the narcissist, the feeling of being constantly disturbed or insulted in a relationship will fade away.


7. Silent Treatments become past


When you leave the narcissist, the verbal abuse and domestic violence that everyone is familiar with stops. However, you are also liberated from the silent treatments and discards that no one around you understands. Discards and silent treatments are the narcissist’s covert forms of abuse that are difficult to explain to others.


Once you are done with the narcissists, those silent treatments fade away silently.


8. You are not alone anymore


In order to avoid feeling lonely, victims who left the narcissist frequently isolate themselves. Leaving narcissists is a difficult decision for obvious reasons, including the concern that their friends and family would not accept them back.


Fortunately, that is not always the case that happens to the victims. The narcissist will isolate you from certain people as they feel they know about their narcissistic behaviors. So, people like them that you may have lost during the narcissistic relationship tend to resurface as they know what you might have experienced. 


On top of that, people who understand you because they share your past or virtuous people with potential may join you on your life journey.


All you have to do is to accept what good things are coming forth.


9. Neverending lies never comes back


The incessant lies and future faking from the narcissist you left will never come again unless you fall for the hoovering tactics. The lies you thought came from love, the future they make you believe is real, and their phony monologues about themselves are all gone.


You’ve always been true to your love and everything, but remember that

“the narcissist’s whole life is a lie.”


10. Savings of your energy and time


In a narcissistic relationship, you are constantly attached to the narcissist, validating them, enabling their traits, and spending all your time and energy on one person. Literally, you even forgot about having a life of your own while giving all your consciousness over the narcissist. 


Without them, your energy will begin to replenish, and time becomes available. Alas, you can spend some energy on your friends, family, and yourself. The freedom from the narcissist gives you consciousness about your life and dreams. So, make use of the time available and look forward to achieving your dreams and ambitions in life. 


Healing and Prosper


Leaving the narcissist elicits a range of emotions, both pleasant and bad. You cannot ignore the terrible parts of life; you must accept them as they are. However, when it comes to the positive parts described above, be grateful and embrace any good changes that occur in your life.


Among narcissists who lack the desire to change, we as humans should anticipate progressive changes. Leaving the narcissist creates opportunities to develop boundaries, self-esteem, healthier relationships, and the ability to pursue your dreams.


Udante wants you to move on from the abusive relationship and shift from the survival path to a healing journey to have the life you deserve. Until then, stay updated with our blogs to know more about narcissism and join our Instagram community to travel our healing journey.   

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