21 New Year Resolutions that make you a better person in 2022

21 New Year Resolutions that make you a better person in 2022

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A New year’s resolution is the goals, dreams, habits, and relationships that you fix at the beginning of the year to achieve by the end of the year. It can be either one or more resolutions, yet it will always be the one to make yourself better than the previous year. So, why not stick to it sincerely?


People always look for creative and unique new year resolutions to try on every year. However, they mostly end up having a fitness goal and fail in it. Wasn’t that funny? You want yourself to be better but couldn’t achieve it. This is because changes cannot happen quickly, it takes time and patience.  

Firstly, you must understand that you have a year. Despite that, if you push yourself hard on your first day, you are going to lose interest quicker. You must start anything from a bare minimum, practice daily, improve constantly and reach your target. Even if you did not achieve to the fullest, the result of your new year resolution’s intention will satisfy you.

The best thing about these new year resolutions is that they make you change in a year for good. It may be your appearance, physical health, mental health, achievements, etc. Changes are always good if the intentions are good. Thus, achieving these changes directly changes your personality for good too.

So, here are some unique and common new year resolutions that will make you into a better person for next year. Read it and comment on what your new year’s resolutions are for this year.

1. Stop Regretting

If you fail at something before and you wish you had done that differently, then you will regret that situation. Regretting catches your soul at that instance and does not allow you to grow further. So, instead of regretting such situations, try to understand what you have learned from them. Try to avoid those mistakes again and move on to face the future ahead.  

Learn from your mistakes

2. Show Empathy

Empathy is the ability to care for others by understanding their emotions. Any random act of kindness to someone, dogs, or anything will develop your empathy. Start using comforting words, help people economically, buy food or anything that shows your care for others this year.

Have empathy on others

3. Avoid Dramas

To have mental stability this year, do not create a drama to get validation or kindly avoid intaking the dramas of others. Dramas make you overreact and overthink situations. If you ingest others’ drama, you will start comparing your situations and their consequences with theirs. Thus, your mental stability will break.

No more drama from this new year

4. Do not Procrastinate

Procrastinating work shouldn’t be the one trait for you this year. Yes, it is a personality trait. According to research done by the Institute of Research and Journals, procrastinating things is a sign of lacking conscientiousness.

A research statement about procrastination

Since, no one procrastinates things actively, i.e., shifting things to do better things, it always ends up slowing you down. When procrastination becomes a habit, your life will lag behind.

procrastination consumes time

5. No more Gossips

Gossips can be truly hurtful. For people who ask, how can gossip be harmful? Gossips contain either a fact or a fake about a situation that triggers people. If the information came to be false, the victim may suffer the greatest. The victim may be you or others whose information is passed out through gossip. Once someone is affected by gossips, both their reputation and trust in others might get demolished

Say no to gossips

So, if you find any information is misleading, choose not to forward others.

6. Socialize more

People have adapted themselves into an introvert after the past pandemic times. As the situation changes, people are struggling to become extroverts. Studies show that introverts are depressed and are less happy. Meanwhile, extroverts are much joyful in their life.

To socialize, try to feel less awkward talking to others, try to present your point of view in a conversation, and mix decent humor in it. Socializing helps to understand people’s thoughts and emotions.

Socializing must be your new year resolution

If you are depressed and stressing over something, socializing with people you trust and venting to them can greatly help to reduce your stress

7. Apologize for your mistakes

From this year onwards, try to apologize for every mistake you make that hurts others. Do not try to hide those mistakes by ignoring or lying about them. It will ruin your righteous personality as you will start to ask for validation from others for reasoning your mistakes.

apologize for your mistakes

Instead, accept your mistakes and say sorry, whoever it may be. Doing this will develop trust and mostly would not ruin a friendship.

8. Stopping pleading to Others

In any case, if you are being accused of a mistake you have never done, do not apologize for it. Even if the accuser is the person, you love the most, apologizing for nothing degrades your self-confidence and Self-love. Also, never please anyone for nothing. If a person makes you plead, they don’t love you. Pleading others will pave out the opportunity for people to take control over you.

9. Focusing on Goals instead of persons.

People who are obsessed with gaining friends and relationships tend to move slower in their goal pursuit. So, focus on your dream or career more. Gather people who also support your dreams and have a goal for themselves. In this way, you can have both growth and people at the same time along with them.

10. Acknowledging yourself

This is a crucial resolution that everyone must take in this new year. If you are a hardworking person, a quick acknowledgment from anybody will always motivate you. But very few acknowledge others’ hard work. This might hurt us, minimize our willpower, and confidence to strive more but keep in mind that you work hard for your life.

You deserve a lot

The first person who acknowledges you must be yourself. It just does not end with hard work alone, constantly keep acknowledging yourself when you help others, give kind words, achieve a little goal, or for any small thing you have done for good.

11. Having a Fitness routine

The most common and repeated new year resolution for most people is a workout. Although it is an essential thing for everyone, it is now seen as one of the funniest new year resolutions. Why is going to the Gym a funnier new year’s resolution? People who take an oath to go to the gym every day in the new year used to drop the resolution within 2-3 months. For this reason, going to the gym as a resolution seems funnier.

This is because people need to change quickly and force themselves into something harder for that. That causes you to lose interest in it eventually. So, have a minimal routine, start working out for two days per week and gradually improve. The changes will eventually be made, but a hobby comes with having a stable routine.  

fitness resolution

Why take a fitness resolution this new year? Research studies say that people without any physical activity tend to lack conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and openness-type personalities. So, try moving your body, stretch more, and have some fitness routine from this year.

12. Moving forward from the past

Whether it is a trauma, family issue, a relationship issue, or anything that severely affects you, it might change a lot of things around. Having deepened sadness thinking about what happened in the past will always hold you behind.

So, take the first step as a new year resolution to accept things and move on. Look out for the present and life ahead, do productive things that result in moving you from the past.

13. Being conscious with words

A wise person will always be careful with words. Words can greatly impact others’ emotions. Whether it is a promise, abusive words out of anger, or words that come out of emotions, it could hurt someone. So, think twice, concentrate and always present it kindly while you utter words.

14. Developing the courage to say “No”

A friend or foe, relation or a stranger, whoever it may be, if they insist you to do something out of your boundary without seeing any morality in it, say ‘No’. It doesn’t need to be aggressive or rude, say something like “I cannot do this because” or “I’m unable to do this right now” or “I’m not comfortable at doing this, so”.

Its okay to say no

Never do anything outside of your morality, not for the one who you love.

15. Being Organized

Having an organizational skill helps to have a peaceful life with negligible stress. It helps to do a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis of yourself. Therefore, try to organize things and schedule works and do everything in a pattern. Now try to achieve it day by day. In such a way the organization skill will develop naturally in time.

16. Doing charity

If you ask “How does charity make you feel better?” The answer is, if you help the needy, it ensures that your life means something and the people’s gratification gives you self-satisfaction and gives a purpose to your life.

And so, from this new year, have the resolution to help a needy person if you could. The helping personality enriches your empathy and kindness too.

17. Controlling your emotions

There may be things happening around that might enrage you and make you lose your senses. If you let your emotions loose, you cannot be concise with your words and actions. This may lead you to trouble and hurt others intently. Before letting your emotions overflow and regretting later, control your emotions and proceed with a kind and gentle gesture.

18. Developing Beauty Consciousness.

It is an undeniable fact that people judge by appearance. It is not about the fairness or the perfume you use but depends on the decency and your aroma. So, have a good haircut, dress well, have a good fragrance perfume if you think you smell.

have beauty consciousness as a new year resolution

People might say, personality is everything, but deny the fact that having a beauty conscious is a personality.

19. Fixing a Financial Goal

Most people would never think to have a financial new year resolution. If you are an employer who aims to have a side hustle or add money to your fixed deposit, investing in a business, stocks, or anything, set a goal. In this year, set a financial goal to achieve and start work for it.

Financial Resolutions

Achieving financial resolutions will not alone make you wealthier, but also drives you to achieve more.

20. Having Health Conscious

Having a consciousness of both mental and physical health is important. Practices like Meditating, having journeys, eating delicious food, etc., will make your mind healthy. Whereas having random checkups, maintaining diets, jogging, stretching, etc., will make your body healthier.

having Health resolutions

So, do not forget to have any one of the healthy new year’s resolutions. 

21. Being responsible to your family

This is one of the mindful new year resolutions everyone should have. If you are either be lethargic with your family or immersed in your work before, this is the time to give some attention to your family who depends on you. Be mindful with planning financial stability for your family, spend time with kids & others and show love whenever possible.

Winding up

A study says it takes 18- 254 days to develop a habit. That is almost a year, right? So, if you follow resolutions from this article, you can surely make it into a habit in a year. Even though the trend of having new year resolutions has started by the Babylonians in the past by keeping their promises to God, it always helps people to change for the better.

So, if you have picked any resolutions or come up with other unique ones for this year, mention them in the comments


Q1. How can I develop a better personality this year?

A. To develop a better personality, take some of these personality resolutions for this year and stick to it

  1. Stop Regretting
  2. Show Empathy
  3. Avoid Dramas
  4. Reduce Procrastinating
  5. Ignore Gossips
  6. Socializing more
  7. Apologizing
  8. Not Pleading others
  9. Focusing on goals
  10. Acknowledging Yourself
  11. Having a Fitness routine
  12. Moving on from past
  13. Being conscious with words
  14. Developing the courage to say ‘No’
  15. Being organized
  16. Doing Charity
  17. Controlling your emotions
  18. Developing Beauty Consciousness
  19. Fixing a Financial goal
  20. Having Health Consciousness
  21. Being responsible to your family

Q2. What can I do if I can’t follow the new year resolution?

A. Appreciate the efforts you had put in to follow the resolution and try to achieve it again. Willpower and desperation are all one needed to accomplish that. 

Q3. How to make this new year a fun one?

A. Have a little trip, spend time with your family, buy gifts for your kids, avoid drinking alcohol and be conscious to have fun with others in this new year. Wish you all a happy new year!

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