Ways to Relieve Your Stress easily ( 5Unique and simple ways)

5 Ways to Relieve your Stress (Unique ways)

steps to reduce your stress

In this Oppressed world, a kind and hard-working person with only good intentions for others will always have to face certain hardships. Facing those hardships and witnessing cruel people will always test our state of mind. This causes depression, anxiety, and frustration within us. However, we have to face this reality in our daily life. So, remember these 5 ways to relieve your stress effectively.


Stress is always being a hurdle in our daily life. There are many factors that cause stress. The circumstance, work pressure, homecare, people around us, breakups, abuse, etc., are the things we face that breed the stress within us. Usually, people use to prefer the common ways like Listening to music, massage, meditation and spending time with your family to relieve stress. Yeah, that helps too, but not everyone is fond to do these activities on regular basis. Those common ways of stress relief are helpful in a long process.

You can spend time with your family to cheer you, but what if the family and friends themselves bring you stress and anxiety? Here are some effective ways that people suggest to you rarely.

5. Stress relieving Satisfying Products

This may sound pretty lame, but the effectiveness of satisfying products is great. You can always buy things like stress balls, squishy water beads, jelly slimes, Fluffy foams, Fidget Spinners, water tube toys, ooze tubes, etc. to soothe your mind.

This is just a temporary way to reduce your stress quickly. However, there is a huge market for these satisfying products out there. This ensures the effectiveness to reduce stress in people.


If you can’t afford one, watch the satisfying videos online. They are creatively made with high-quality audio. Millions of people tend to watch these in recent times. Here are some recommended YouTube channels that provide satisfying content.

You can also rely on satisfying food videos on YouTube. They are cool to watch. Even if you are not fond of cooking, watching these videos is surely satisfying. Many people eat a lot during stressful times. These kinds of videos are perfect for them. Make sure to look at these mentioned channels.

4. Having a Pet

Know this reason before having a Pet

Having a pet will be the basic suggestible thing for everyone to relieve stress. But know this reason before having a pet. Every human is different, you cannot find a person who is always there for you when you need. It is not possible; everyone is having a life of their own. Importantly, almost every human has a face to act, they show a different face whenever they needed us.

On other hand, having a pet like a dog and cats are the ultimate stress relievers. Especially, dogs are wonderful beings that are said to relieve human stress drastically. They care for us, be available any time, and love us unconditionally.

Cute Dog, Stress relievers, Pet, Friendly, love

If you cannot afford a pet, be allergic to their furs or do not have enough space in your home, It’s okay. You can always find pets in your neighborhood, friends and family houses. If you cannot visit them, find a stray dog in your locality.

Helping stray dogs are a great thing and anyone can do it. So, do not give a second thought and do interact with pets often. Once you have started this, you will easily become familiar with pets even if you were afraid of them in the past.

3. Accepting the reality

This is the hardest and one of the most effective ways to relieve your stress. Good people always get hurt if they do not accept reality. They should accept the reality of people and move on eventually. But contrarily, they just don’t want to give up and try to change the people desperately. This closes them with a cycle of getting hurt again and again. Giving up and accepting reality is a different concept.

Some people never wanted to change even how hard we try. Instead, they will start hurting you back. Obsessing ob these people will always cause depression and stress.

Accept reality, Reset mind, Thoughts

So, get a step back and accept the way people are. Value your own time rather than stressing for them. People are in their senses while they are hurting you. So, if they wanted, they would have changed.

Accepting reality and moving on will give you an ultimate inner strength. It will be the starting point for acknowledging yourself. Once you start loving yourself and appreciate self-care, the stress will start to fade away.

2. Vent it Out

Believe it or not, sharing the hardships and sadness with others is a great stress reliever than holding something in mind for long. The biggest weight you carry on your shoulders will lessen if you share. It is not about people caring about your feelings or not, it is to free your mind.

Many people desperately want people to just hear them. You do not need solutions, advice or therapy. You may just want to dump the stress loads somewhere.

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Before that, there are things to remember before you vent it out to somebody.

  • Never vent to a person who criticizes or laughs at you, whether in a friendly or sarcastic way.
  • Don’t express to persons who barge with their side of the story without lending you an ear.
  • Do not express emotions to someone who always tends to advise you.

Always vent to a person who has a good listening capability. They should be calm, trustworthy and should not judge you by your feelings. The person can be anyone, your friends, family, colleagues, workmates or even a Stranger. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your insecurities with people you have known, you can always prefer a stranger you have never met.

Advantages of Venting to a stranger

  • They will hear from you without any person of interest.
  • A stranger has no authority to judge you
  • They cannot hurt you with your insecurities
  • He/ She won’t have a plain idea about what you are talking about but choose to listen to you.

Sharing, Stranger, relieve stress, express

A stranger can be your social media follower, a traveling companion is a public/ private transport, the one at the hotel/ coffee shop, etc. Always ensure their calm state before having an interaction.

If you are not able to find a stranger who listens or you are not good at socializing, This website serves as your stranger who lends you an ear. Register and arrange for a Voice/ Video call to the stranger who listens and responses to your experiences.

1. Donate the Needy

You may raise this question like, how does donating relieve my stress? the perspective of viewing things matters a lot here. There are a lot of factors that cause stress. If you are on one of the below-mentioned options, you should go for this option.

  • If you are self-doubting your worthy
  • Feeling like a failure
  • Regretting things
  • Questioning the purpose of your life
  • Experiencing existential crisis

If you are in any one of these criteria, you must be pretty depressed and questioning your existence. Donating needy people will give you a mindset of having a purpose in your life. If you donate someone, you will be enlightened with confidence just by knowing the fact that your existence is having a purpose.

Enlighten, Self Confidence, cheerful, success

So, donate whenever you are feeling down. Think of whom to donate and where to donate clearly before spending your resources for a good cause.


In conclusion, good people deserve to be happy. Even though there are many factors that cause stress, relationship and people interaction is always the bigger thing that causes stress. So, fixing your mindset to an “it is what it is” aspect will make you accept reality easily.  Helping others and sharing your thoughts will also develop your socializing skills. So, always encourage the good, kind person in you and move on from the things that cause you stress.


Q1. How to reduce stress easily?

  1. Expressing your emotions and sharing your experience with someone will reduce your stress significantly. Register here for free and share your experience with us.

Q2. What are Satisfying Products?

  1. The products that give satisfaction to us are called satisfying products. Using these products will relieve your stress to a certain extent.

Q3. Does Venting to somebody helps to reduce the stress level?

  1. Yes, venting your problems and experiences is a great way to reduce your stress.

Q4. How to find a Great Listener?

  1. Socializing with people and analyzing will help you to find a great listener. Find a great listener easily by registering here for free.

Q5. Does PTSD cause stress?

  1. Yes, experiencing PTSD can cause a severe amount of stress to a person.

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