Nice and Good Person - Difference and Details you should know about

What are the differences between Good Person and Nice Person?

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“You’re such a Nice Person”, ever people said this to you before?. Then, you might be a nice person for real. You may be the people’s favorite on every occasion. But unfortunately, being nice has certain flaws in one’s personality compared to a good person. Also, being good has some cons to it. So, to find out Who you are and What you want to be, go through this article in detail.


Many people may think that being good and nice is similar. Both good and Nice people are kind and respectful to others. So, where is the difference between them?. In this article, the difference between a good person and a nice person will be explained. You will also know about the reasons behind them by the end of the article.

Usually, nice people have a bigger friend circle. They used to be kind to everyone and would love to offer help/ service without any expectations. They love to be the kind of people who could help everyone. In another case, a good person will have both friends and foes. They won’t do things across the personal restrictions. Good people are kind and respectful of people who give those in return. Find more details of a nice and good person below.

Who is a Nice Person?

A nice person is someone who wants to be kind and helpful to everyone without any intentions. He/ she will be the one that people seek if they need anything. A nice person would be sycophantic most of the time, which means the person would never say no to anything to earn an acknowledgment. A quick acknowledgment makes this person feel worthy and satisfied.

So, people would always prefer nice people to do their job. They wouldn’t say no to anything. Also, they might do the job elegantly for the other’s satisfaction. Thus, Nice people always have a bigger friend circle compared to others. They are more reliable and that’s why people love them. However, there are some things that these people face in day-to-day life as a result of being nice. Let’s look into it further.

Faults that Nice people make

Nice people love everyone regardless of others’ personalities. They even care for the people who want to hurt others. Nice people believe that they can change everyone with kindness and affection. 

In fact, they try to change people and end up getting hurt mostly. Some People never change or feel sorry for their actions. Nice people mostly are ignorant of these facts and finally face the consequences.

Nice people are so vulnerable for the following reasons,

  • They put their self-worth in line to change/ help others.
  • They don’t want to accept reality and move on.
  • Lack of boundaries and self-love

This is why Nice people always end up struggling and finally start hurting themselves. The effects of these are very impactful. Nice people always let their guard down with everyone. It makes it easier for toxic people to take advantage of you. That doesn’t mean you are a bad person, but you can become better by correcting these traits.

Disadvantages of being a Nice Person

A Nice Person almost has every trait mentioned above. With these traits, you won’t hurt others mostly. Contrarily, you may end up hurting yourself. You won’t be just a kind person to others, you may also look like a vulnerable, weak, and emotional person from others’ perspectives. So, there are chances of facing these circumstances if you are a nice person,

  • People can easily manipulate you
  • Possibilities of people abusing you physically and mentally
  • You may become a person with low self-worth and self-confidence
  • Becoming stressed if others don’t like you
  • Even though you have a lot of friends, even one of your dear people can make you feel lonely
  • You may end up chasing for people rather than your dreams
  • You may feel entrapped in the existential crisis

Manipulative, Gaslighting

And so, it is recommended to amend those traits of a nice person and be a better person. So, you should know the difference between a nice person and a good person to find the solutions easier. Thus, you can finally be up for yourself and have your own life.

Who is a Good Person?

A good person is someone who is a kind and respectful person with impregnable boundaries and solid self-worth. He/ she has morals and dignity in the way they live. Good people always work hard for their dreams and goals. They will support other good people as they have similar morals and thoughts. Good people value their morals and boundaries more than people.

They support and listen to others who care for them. Good people do not hate others which is similar to what nice people do. But, a good person ignores a hateful or toxic person. They won’t try to spend their valuable time changing others. Good people can be commonly found with these qualities,

  • Boundaries
  • Ignoring Negativity
  • Mental Stability
  • Aware of the Reality

Good people, morals and values


A good person won’t even try to alter his boundaries for others. As no one is perfect in this world, every person has some vulnerabilities and insecurities. Toxic people who can get access to those can easily hurt you. Thus, good people have a self-constructed boundary that no people can dare to cross.

To know more about the Boundaries of a person visit here 

Ignoring Negativity

If good people find a toxic personality within someone, they try to ignore them at once. Why deal with the people who are not worth your time?. So, you must learn to ignore toxic people in your life.

Mental Stability

Good people always prioritize their mental health. Keeping your mental health stable will always reduce stress. Follow some easy ways to reduce stress to a great extent. With mental stability, one can have a presence of mind in his/ her job, passion, and everything.

Aware of the reality

If you are not able to accept the reality, you won’t be able to move on from the thing that hurts you. The good people are well aware of that. And so, they are fully aware of the consequences that are to happen for an action. Thus, they won’t regret the decision they take and the result obtained.

Disadvantages of being a Good Person

“Where there is good, there is bad”, as this sentence proves, in this world, Good people receive haters. A good person always makes a friend as well as a foe in his life. This is because they ignore negativity. Toxic people hate ignoring, in which good people are the experts. So these toxic people may try these on you,

  • They may try to gaslight you
  • Spreading false rumors about you
  • They will try to separate people from you.

To avoid these, a good person should always be honest with oneself and not regret or be sad for others actions. Everyone will see the true face of the toxic person eventually. So, believing in that, keep moving on further to have your own life.

Good vs Nice person- Conclusion

be kind to be a better person

If you are asking yourself “Am I a Good person?” right now, then you are already in the phase of changing into a better person. Every Good person was once a Nice person or the people around them may be taught good values. So, don’t be disappointed if you are a nice person. Both nice and good people always wish good for others. So, always cherish the kind gesture of yours by having the values of a good person.

Being nice isn’t your fault but resisting the change to be a better person is. Change is always good for the people who wish good. So, despite the situation, try to change to have a wonderful life.

FAQs on Nice and Good person

Q1. Why are Nice people always getting hurt?

A. A nice person is someone who doesn’t have boundaries with people. They put their self-worth in front to make other people comfortable. This is why nice people always get hurt by others.

Q2. Being a nice person and a good person, which is better?

A. Being a good person is better than being a nice person. There are some factors that define you as a good person.

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