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What are the benefits you get after an existential crisis?

Existential crisis Benefits

Existential Crisis is a stage everyone goes through at certain points in their lives. This negative feeling may hit you at times when you are going through some hardships. In those times, your feelings may hike up and will lead you to overthink and question your existence. However, as a matter of perspective, overcoming this feeling has some benefits after an existential crisis. So, let’s look into this article to know more about them.


It is a dreadful feeling to have an existential crisis. It doesn’t come suddenly, you may experience it while all of your hardships get stacked up and thrown at a time. You will get highly stressed, depressed, and overthink too much. The existential crisis can be caused due to various factors. But at some point, you have to decide whether to get trapped in it or get out of it and gain some benefits after an existential crisis.

Trapping in an existential crisis may lead to losing hope in life and raise suicidal thoughts to one. In another case, you can process through it and get rid of an existential crisis. Optimistically speaking, an existential crisis isn’t an illness or symptoms of anything. It is a phase everyone goes through in life. So, through processing, you can learn a lot from it. Learning helps to process and obtain these benefits after an existential crisis 

1. Awareness of any situation

The first benefit after an existential crisis is a golden one. If you have awareness of any situation you have been put in, you can easily escape or get through it. The only thing that gives you this much awareness is overthinking. As an overthinker, you can easily guess the possibilities of things that are about to happen. 

High Awareness

Not only escape out from the situation, but you can also use the situation to your advantage. In such a way, you will be the smartest person in a crowd. Cheers!

2. Perspective

Without a perspective for a statement, situation, or sequence of matters, you cannot come up with a judgment or a decision. Perspective comes in two ways, positive or negative. Even though optimistic thinking is a good thing, sometimes you have to think on both sides. You will only attain this benefit after an existential crisis.

Which is true perspective

Some of you were never able to see the things that hurt you. In the case of Indian women, the factors that hurt them are either hidden or not been aware of. So, going through an existential crisis will help you to get your perspective straight and decide “Do and Don’ts”.

3. Decision Making

Once you have gone through the existential crisis, a clear thought will arise and you will be ready to face things that are yet to come at you. And additionally, your improved decision-making skills after the existential crisis are going to help you. You cannot get over an existential crisis without deciding what to do in a situation. Thus, your ability to decide gets increases naturally after that. 

Decision making to say yes or No

You won’t always be a nice person, even if someone tries to humiliate you. Knowing the situation, you are able to decide and say “yes or no” straight at them.

4. Focusing the Priorities

Commonly, one will always get mature to some extent. So, you will stop worrying about the things bothering you and act on them. This makes you prioritize things that matter and work for them. This is a benefit after an existential crisis that improves your life to a better one. If you prioritize your dream, job, family, etc., dedicate yourself to what you love.


checklist your priorities

In such a way, you won’t feel regretful or stressed about any situation. So, prioritize what you love and commit to it.

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5. Never Give Up

When you start focusing on the priorities, all the above benefits you have attained after the existential crisis will provide you with enough willpower. You know that you will regret things and fall back into an existential crisis if you didn’t put in enough work. So, a never-give-up attitude grows up in you. You strive to achieve things rather than feeling now. 

never give up to reach the goal

With this attitude, you also gain a strong dedication and determination to reach your goals.


To phrase it easily, the overall benefit you receive after an existential crisis is Growth. In the end, you will be mature enough to handle your hardships and struggles. Only optimistic thinkers can learn from the things they are going through and acquire the benefits. So, try to think positively always and share your knowledge and experiences with us while or after going through it. 


Q1. Can an existential crisis be a good thing?

  1. Optimistically yes, you can learn certain things while going through an existential crisis and acquire some benefits from it.

Q2. What are the benefits we get after an existential crisis?

  1. There are chances to get these benefits after an existential crisis,
  • Awareness
  • Perspective
  • Decision making 
  • Priorities
  • Never Give up

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