Atheists and Theists - Who has a meaningful life?

Atheists and Theists – Who has a meaningful life?

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Humans are independent and have the freedom to make their own choices in their life. The way you want to live and pursue your goals are meant to be decided by yourself. This also applies in determining your personality, habits, beliefs, etc. Coming to beliefs, some people believe in God’s existence, and others don’t. They are known to be atheists and theists. Certain people have different statements or perspectives for beliefs such as agnostics and Gnostics people. However, let’s see about the majorities i.e., atheists and theists, and their way of life.


Theists are also known as God believers who completely accept the existence of God. They worship, praise, and live under the morals that God proposed. Theists are not just Christians, people who believe in God from any religious background would fit in. On the other hand, atheists do not believe in God and tend to state the conspiracies scientifically.

Atheists believe in the evolution of humanity and view religion as a myth or a fantasy that evolved during that. The irrelevancies between the atheists and theists themselves differ in their way of living. Anyways, every person has to co-exist in this world to survive, grow and achieve even though the ideology differs.

What is the population of Atheists and Theists?

As per certain research, the population of atheists has begun to grow for the past decade. 10% of adults in the United States claimed to be atheists whereas 1 in five people does not believe in God from the US. In Europe, the stats are little escalated and is noted as over 15% of people are atheists.

To ensure this, a simple quick poll on Instagram was conducted by this website gives a peculiar result. From the people of South Asia aged from 18 – 28, with more than 200 votes, the poll ended with a fractional difference. This proves that there is a potential increase of atheists in society.

Poll on Atheist vs theist

There is both yin and yang of being an atheist and theist, however, there must be some hidden reason for this considerable growth of atheists compared to theists. So, let’s look into what advantages that people could see being atheists and theists

What does a good life mean for theists?

Theists believe that God is the ultimate creator of this world. “Humanity emerged from the birth of Adam and Eve”, stated Christians. This does not mean that theists never believe in science, they do, but never refuse God’s existence. According to theists, a good life must be filled with harmony, kindness, and spirituality. Being a humble person to the superior God is the way to attain spirituality.

In most cases, theists spend their time doing rituals and worshipping God. Believers thank the superior for this life and also ask for favor believing the god could help them. Theists believe that God has three main functions (duties) in this universe.

Based on the Hindu beliefs, the authority of the god is to create beings, protect and destroy. The creator Brahma, the protector Vishnu, and the destroyer Shiva. This itself may raise many questions among atheists. For example, if he destroys life, God must be evil, isn’t it? Anyways, theists have their way of explanation for literally everything.

What are the benefits of being a Theist?

The benefits you could attain from being a theist are Spiritual power, hope, and Accepting reality. You can attain these qualities being an atheist too, but it is easy to develop these personalities within believers.

Why are theists more spiritual?

The God believers tend to be more spiritual as they believe in another force that always protects them. This creates an optimistic view within them that drives them to approach life confidently. The spiritual beliefs such as the “god watches us all” keep them disciplined and have good morals. The theists used to spiritually heal quicker from the problems naturally.


On the contrary, some people are toxic and hurt people who are theists. They claim to be religious to catalog their traits in society. Such personalities do not have the spirituality to live a good life. These personas must be filtered not only by the theist but everyone.

Why are theists hopeful?

Whatever the circumstances, the majority of the theists tend to be buoyant in life. They are propitious as they have a high sense of hope. It looks like they stick to the phrase “Jesus saves you” and face life. When a bad thing happens, theists believe in “where there is shadow, there is light”. This generates the hope to strive subsequently to believe for the good in the future.


On other hand, theists fall right into superstitious beliefs in search of hope. They do superstitious rituals to attain good things quicker. Hope or any good things cannot be attained externally. Believing in good and working hard for that gives the result.

Why are theists good at accepting reality?

Theists accept every happening in the surroundings as the actions of God. They believe in karma which will repay the people who hurt them. The belief of karma itself helps them to accept reality and heal with the help of spiritual personality. Believers accept that the actions of God have specific reasons behind them as the Lord Vishnu sayings,

 “Everything that happened is good,

Things that are happening is good, and

Things that are about to happen is also good”

Lord Vishnu Quotes


Accepting reality is always good when you learn and change from it. Else, sticking to the actions that hurt you or others will always bring the same results.

What does a good life mean for atheists?

Atheists see things from a scientific perspective. Even though there are instances that haven’t been proved, they resist believing in omnipotent and decide to wait for scientific answers. Atheists expect their life to be prosperous with freedom and happiness. They refuse to believe that their life is being governed and guided by omnipotent.

Although atheists do not show interest in such beliefs, they also don’t hinder others’ beliefs. Atheists have the mental freedom to make their own choice. They do have morals and spiritual power combined with kindness and empathy. This is because atheists trust in humanity. Atheists are aware of their actions and tend to do things that they shouldn’t regret later.

Evolution is what atheists believe

However, to the knowledge, nowadays, most people claim to be an atheist to showcase themselves differently among others. The desire to make them look like intellect is the source for this fakeness. These people would fight or argue with theists to show their toughness. That shows their immatureness. Such people would have miserable personalities that should be corrected.

Despite that, a good atheist person is equal to a good theist person. Only the way they attain those qualities and they live with them differs.

Can atheists be spiritual?

Of course, yes, atheists can be spiritual enough as theists. Atheists believe in morals and ethics. If “God does good for people do good” for theists, “doing good attracts good people closer and life becomes better” will be the perspective for atheists. Atheists revive spirituality through their actions and morality.


Fake atheists who want to claim them to be intellect are great attention seekers and spiritual people.

Do atheists lack hope?

No, the atheists do not lack hope. Rather than believing in God for hope, atheists tend to give hope to others in the name of humanity. They absolutely trust that only humans can help humans. So, they put their place as a hope giver to other people.


Even though they don’t interact with superstitious beliefs, they are humans too. Some atheists just stomp on others without a second thought to get rid of any hardships. This is because they don’t believe in God that punishes them for their mistakes.

Why do atheists face difficulties in accepting reality?

Atheists face difficulties in accepting reality and moving on as they have high confidence in humanity. They believe that they could change people despite the toxicity they show. It doesn’t mean that they never accept reality, but bringing the “it is what it is” attitude is difficult within atheists.


In case the atheists don’t accept reality and move on, they stick to the thing that hurts them the most and may fall by having low self-worth, self-love, and existential crisis. Since there is freedom of choice as an atheist, most of them choose to follow the negative path and become toxic eventually.

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Wrapping up

Despite being a theist or atheist, everyone is a human who has their own choices of beliefs. It is settled until they don’t try to hinder each of the beliefs. By reading this article, you may have a clear idea about the perspectives of both atheists and theists. Now, it is up to you to decide who you want to be. Negative aspects can be found on both sides.

Theists used to force their religious beliefs on children, relations, public and intend to spread is a malignant behavior. Similarly, looking down on others who have different beliefs and trying to be an intellectual without having any knowledge in that is also to be condemned.

However, and whatever the beliefs may be, you can be genuinely happy and harmonious if you always choose the good path. So, always choose to be kind and generous to everyone.


Q1. Can we change atheists to theists?

  1. You should not intend to change anyone. They might change if they want to due to their life experiences.

Q2. Why is being spiritual is important?

  1. Being spiritual helps you to achieve things and be optimistic all time.

Q3. Why are most atheists toxic?

  1. Atheists assure that there is no God who is going to punish you for your actions. This drives most people to be toxic.

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