9 questions you should ask to atheists [Answered]

9 Questions you should ask an atheist without provoking

Confront atheists with questions

Nowadays, atheists often confront theists with facts, scientific explanations, and theories. Their complete disapproval of the existence of God may sometimes make sense. But, theists have their perspectives on God through the sayings from religions. So, when theists try to reason with an atheist, a quarrel begins. Often you can find atheists get rough with theists.


This is because most atheists possess high esteem of their intellectual for being an atheist. So, this is the time for theists to ask an atheist with reasonable questions that can never get you into a fight.


You can find various types of personalities in a group, they may be either good or bad. You can always find both types of people everywhere. This applies to theists and atheists too. There are toxic people in both who try to force their consent on other people. So, it’s better to avoid asking an atheist with a toxic personality.

In the case of theists, some people used to force religion and beliefs on others. Sometimes, they use the people’s vulnerability to change them to their side of religion. On the other hand, some atheists pretend to have higher intelligence than any other humans. They imagine that denial of God’s existence makes them superior, which is not.

Understanding this toxic side, you should control yourself from provoking with them. Ask the questions that are mentioned in this article to people who can always have a healthy conversation with others. Be ready to hear questions from atheists too. In such a way, we could know others’ points of view. Also, feel free to mention the questions you have in the comments.

1. What do atheists think about unanswered questions?

Atheists simply try to answer these questions by saying “either unanswered questions will be answered later or it must be just a coincidence”.

God's creation earth

But it isn’t possible to determine everything as a coincidence, right? For instance, in this vastly spread universe and solar system, why would earth alone have the atmosphere opt for living beings? In the countless number of living beings, as science says, just one species has evolved to have 6 senses. Like this, we can dump more examples to question the coincidence.

2. Why do atheists choose to be an atheist?

The majority of atheists choose to not believe in God for two main reasons.

  • Due to bad experiences in the past that made them give up on God’s existence.
  • Acknowledging the scientific facts and accepting them.
  • Following the trend of being an atheist makes them intellectual

So, if you come across people who say being an atheist is what makes them intellectual, it is probably time to end that conversation right away. They only want to show off their decision for being an atheist to others without any particular reason. Maybe, if such people experience something bad in their life, they would either pray to God or blame God for that.

A true atheist would never blame God, they would accept the reality as the way it was as they don’t believe in God bringing them goods or misfortune.

3. Do atheists read religious books before becoming atheists?

Mostly not, atheists are mostly demotivated to read religious books. They may not know what these books are up to or consider reading them a waste of time. The religious books are written in a way how the world works and to teach life morals. Sometimes, they are interpreted as stories.

Bible or Quran or Bhagavat Gita

In an exceptional case, some people do read these books and understand things from a different perspective and choose to be an atheist. Being a theist and atheist is one’s own choice through their perspectives. No one can object to that.

4. If atheists don’t consider the afterlife in hell, would they do whatever they want?

In fact, it is what atheists want. The freedom of not binding into some religious beliefs and fear them. On the negative side, this could lead people to choose the wrong path and hurt people consciously.

However, a well-acknowledged atheist is bound with good morals and life ethics as most atheists do. They know that’s the way to have a happy life. Being empathetic, caring for others, following morals, setting boundaries, etc., are the basic qualities every human must-have.

5. Do atheists hate God?

This is the question to ask an atheist to easily identify their intention for being an atheist. If they say “No” and continue to say “I don’t believe in god in the first place”, he must be an atheist with reason. However, if “yes” was an answer, they must be bragging about being an atheist with no reason at all.

A good atheist would never believe in an omnipotent who can control their lives.

6. Do atheists have spirituality as theists?

Of course, atheists possess spirituality, emotions, and morals as theists do. Also, they are good at helping others, understanding people’s feelings, etc. They have the freedom to choose for what they are. In denying both God and Evil’s existence, they don’t show any resistance in coming forward to help others. Atheists believe in humanity more than the existence of God.

7. What triggers atheists to provoke theists?

Atheists really get triggered when theists force people to follow their religion and regulations. Mainly when normal people are forced into superstitious beliefs and rituals, atheists do want to question them.

Rituals and religion

In India, the cultural beliefs followed by them are affecting people especially women. A century before, most widows of India were killed in the name of culture. Till now, the majority of these practices are followed in the name of culture and religion. The inability to question these by other theists triggers the atheists often.

8. Do atheists appreciate religious beliefs?

Atheists always tend to appreciate others’ religious beliefs and culture only if those beliefs favor the human community. When such practices get out of hand to harm or force others to their beliefs, they choose not to appreciate them.

9. Why do atheists look down on theists?

It is always disheartening when some atheists look down or despise people who are theists. Some atheists look like they do have overflowing self-esteem. Some atheists may experience something from the theist’s religious practices that made them despise every person who believes in God. You can also come across people saying that Reddit atheists are too toxic.

The hatred and pettiness shown by some atheists towards theists are indeed questionable. Truly, you cannot judge a community by the actions of some people. People differ even though they share some knowledge.


The above questions are intended to ask atheists without getting into an unhealthy argument. It may be your dearest friend, partner, colleague, or family member whom you are questioning. A simple quarrel could make you lose them. So, be careful with your words, be pleasant, and show a positive attitude while explaining your perspective as well as asking an atheist.

After all, we all are human beings in which we have to stand united even if our ideology differs.

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