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Longlasting narcissistic relationship

6 types of people who make narcissistic relationships long-lasting

Narcissistic people aren’t healthy for any relationship. Their high self-esteem, grandiose sense of entitlement, self-centered behavior seek a perennial supply of valuation and attention. To acquire that, narcissists follow malevolent behaviors like abuse, manipulation, and gaslighting. But, have you ever wondered, “How can some people have a prolonged relationship with a narcissist?” Well, this article…

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6 Factors that originates narcissism in Kids

People diagnosed with narcissism or who show narcissistic traits have malevolent behaviors that harm others and are self-destructive too. Witnessing kids acquire such personalities can be hurtful. Find out the different factors that originate the narcissistic behaviors in innocent kids and adolescents. So, you can avoid consequences before it’s too late.   Narcissistic personality disorder…

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Why are narcissistic students academically successful?

The academic success of students has a direct relationship with the personality of the students. Studies and research outcomes manifested that the students who are diagnosed with dark triad personalities are academically well-performing. You may wonder how a child can possess a dark triad personality? yes, they could. This article clarifies “why the narcissistic students…

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